The Inspiration Behind Lullabuys

I’m Mary the mom-preneur behind Lullabuys and I live and work out of the exquisite confines of Southern California.

Life hasn’t been the same for me since I began to see it out of my daughter’s eyes (you might even say that– post-college– she’s consistently been my best teacher).  

My time with her has been such a blessing; it’s also made me aware of so many new concepts; like how my happiness is intertwined with remembering to value the little things.

Of course, there are still the ho-hum or daily grind challenges on my plate each day too,like keeping to a shoestring budget while also making sure to give attention to important societal issues like preserving the environment (by supporting the Green Movement).

Which got me to thinking: what if there was a way to do both??

Here’s some more background:

During my years working in retail clothing I often wondered what I’d do differently if given the chance to run things.

For instance how would I put my creative stamp on the entire process?
“What would it take to create a ‘feel good’ company? My heart kept searching for an answer.”

How could I make it about more than just business as usual and actually manage to
weave in humanitarian and environmental goals too?
What would it take in order to create a ‘“feel good” company?

My heart kept searching for an answer.

It came in the form of Lullabuys— a retail source of gently used kid’s clothing.
It’s a labor of love designed for parents on a budget.As a form of recycling, our approach to consumerism goes green.

In fact I like to think of it as giving the environment a big grateful hug;
and with us parents can rely on a trusted source who gives them extra cash by buying the clothing their kids have outgrown (of course they also have the option of buying from us too!).

Third, as our business model involves working with various organizations, schools, and churches– through our community buyback events–we’re unwaveringly committed to our local community.

These are the take-homes I’d like you to remember when it comes time to decide on where to buy and sell your childrens clothing:

Lullabuys is real.

Lullabuys cares.

We were created out of care and consideration for our environment–
and your checkbooks TOO!
But most importantly, we really want you to be there with us as we continue to grow,


Let’s raise our children and the way that business is done— together.

Mary =)


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