The Inspiration Behind Lullabuys

I’m Mary the mom-preneur behind Lullabuys. I live and work out of Southern California whose beauty inspires me everyday. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by my beautiful daughter, fiancé, and large extended family. They are the paces of my heart. In fact my life hasn’t been the same since I’ve had the joy of seeing it through my daughter’s eyes. She is definitely my best teacher.

Home life has been a blessing and my experience raising my child has made me aware of so many wonderful new things. Among them are the acute feeling of happiness that comes with making new discoveries. Also the importance of having access to affordable family goods like children’s clothing; But also our collective responsibility toward our environment. So I combined all of these thoughts into a creative business solution: Lullabuys.

Some More Background

During my time working in retail clothing I would think about what I would do differently. How would I put my creative stamp on the process if given the opportunity? I didn’t have to think for too long because I would soon have that opportunity.

When that time came other questions arose too. Like: “How can I make it about more than just business and manage to weave in my humanitarian and environmental goals as well?” “What would it take in order to create a ‘feel good’ company?” My heart kept searching for an answer.

I was overjoyed when I found it. My answer came in the form of Lullabuys a retail source of gently used kid’s clothing designed to be less expensive. As a form of recycling, our approach to consumerism“goes green.” I like to think of it as giving the environment a big, grateful hug.

With us parents can earn extra cash by selling clothes their kids have outgrown. Lullaby’s is also community-oriented as we work with various organizations, schools, and churches through buyback events.

What’s Next?

As the owner of an inspired start-up here’s what I want you to know: Lullabuys is real. We care; and we were created out of consideration for our collective environment (and people’s checkbooks too).

We’re in our beginning stages and as such there are excellent opportunities for you to partner with us– as patrons– in order to help shape our message and mission. Yes we’d love for you to accompany us every step of the way. Let’s leave little green footprints all over our communities starting today.


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