Viennese Dreams: An Ode to my Favorite European City

Paris is the city of lights. Prague is permeated with Old World charm. London sees the most visitors annually; but Vienna receives my vote for Europe’s most enchanting destination.

As an imperial city visitors can’t help but be struck by Vienna’s grandiosity. This is displayed first and foremost by its massive Hapsburg Palace; while its Belvedere and Strauss monuments further emphasize the Austrian capital’s sense of self-worth.

Walking along the elegant cream-and-mint (the city’s official color template?) facades not to mention its sprawling Stadtpark— a formidable rival to NYC’s Central Park— it’s obvious that Vienna’s inclusion in any Top 10 European city list is warranted.

For aficionados and novices alike the city’s contribution to modern art also goes without question. In fact it takes only one trip to the Secession Building to see Klimt’s Beethoven-Fries to prove it.

There are myriad destinations within Vienna to view the Austrian’s work. For instance some would argue that The Belvedere— which houses Klimt’s Kiss— is the ideal place. However what’s important is that you make the time to view his work; not so much which pieces you see (or where you see them).

Vienna is also a tribute to classical music. A fine one. While some may see the medium as an offering of a bygone era, such an artistic achievement can never really be outdated. Instead it waits patiently to be re-discovered… and from Strauss to Beethoven the musical influence of history’s greatest composers is on full display. An injection of this kind of culture is transformative.

Of course no survey of any important world city would be complete without touching upon its culinary offerings. Here it’s freely admitted that Italy (rightfully) holds the crown as Europe’s best culinary destination.

However Viennese dessert culture has all the credentials to topple its neighbor to the South’s dolci— with the superstars being its famed Sachertorte and Strudel (just don’t eat them together because they’re filling).

What else??

Any other description I might add about this Central European city would be woefully inadequate; the best I can do is to encourage you to take a trip to this elegant little gem as soon as possible. You’ll never regret it for as long as you live!



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