5 Unique World Cities in 5 Minutes

What is it about traveling that makes you feel brand new, as if you’ve discovered a new layer to your personality with each new city? Not to mention how cool it is to have another stamp from a far away place stamped onto your passport (don’t lie).

When you’re immersed in all that a great world city has to offer, your senses become sharper, more aware; your perspective globalized. With so many amazing places begging to be seen it’s no wonder that so many people are indulging their wanderlust.

I know I have!  While every one of my trips has brought their own particular blessings, a few stand out. Here are five of the brightest gems amongst a sea of brilliance (in no particular order), along with what makes them so unique.


Tokyo, Japan

This mysterious Far East city had me hooked as soon as I was off the plane.  The nightlife, the cuisine, the Sake… all of these left little to be desired; the graciousness of the Japanese people was also heartwarming. What stood out most? The cleanliness and efficiency of the city’s public transportation system combined with its endlessly fascinating advances in technology (shout out to the Sony Building).

Sorrento, Italy

Limoncello, seaside-chic fashion, and luxury hotels round out the many reasons for visiting this coastal Italian town. What’s most unique? The incomparable art of Sorrentine wood carving— which can command up to $35K for a single custom-made dining room table.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev’s dual identity is what makes the lesser-known world city so unique. One part Russia, the other part Europe, it offers visitors the best of both regions. Check out the all red facade of its National University building for proof of this.

Pamplona, Spain.

Where else in the world can you run in front of live bulls as a sport?! A source of immense national pride, the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona defies visitors’ wildest imaginations. So much in fact that I’ll be writing about this in more detail in my next blog.

Monaco, France

What’s uniquely brilliant to this Riviera town is the fact that it’s a principality i.e. an independent country that has a prince as its Head of State. Elegant to no end, Grace Kelly herself couldn’t resist Monaco’s many charms; in 1956 she married its reigning prince in a ceremony that was celebrated the world over.

One more minute…

My take-homes? Travel puts our lives into sharper perspective… in ways that are hard to communicate. With every one-of-a-kind experience new qualities are etched upon our personalities. As a result we become deeper people— and that’s something that no travel book can account for.

My best advice? Use travel as a means of chasing ever-better versions of yourself. This lively pursuit will ensure that you bring back something much more valuable than just stories and souvenirs!