The Current “Walkability” Trend in Home-buying

Orange County residents live an active lifestyle. Whether it’s walking, jogging, water sports, or anything in between; we always seem to be on the go! With good reason. We’re certain that physical activity is critical to our overall wellness. Just as important as “gluten-free” or our favorite smoothie in fact. Currently our on-the-go lifestyle has even begun to incorporate itself into the home buying process.

The term is walkability and it’s on top of both realtors and home buyers minds. It refers to how user friendly a neighborhood is. One with jogging paths and a child-friendly park within walking distance of its homes would have a high walkability rating. On the other hand, a neighborhood with minimal sidewalk space and spread apart errand-destinations would have a low one.

How it helps home sellers

Sellers with homes with high walkability ratings can up their price. After all they possess a property feature that’s in high-demand; and the beauty about this equity-booster is that it comes at no additional cost to you. So why shell out $30,000 on a pool? Both approaches lead to a higher asking price, yet the former does so without your having to spend additional money. Maybe you’re not sure how to quantify your home’s walkability rating? The SpatialMatch app is a great place to start.

For home buyers

My best advice to you is this: Don’t be afraid to ask for a home’s walkability rating when shopping for your new home! A good real estate agent will know exactly what you’re talking about. Better yet, determine it  (unofficially) for yourself by walking around neighborhoods you’re considering buying in.

As a realtor

For me a home’s walkability rating is of paramount importance when discussing a home buyer’s options with them. It’s important to me, because it’s important to you! So please don’t be afraid to ask. You aren’t being picky; instead, you’re looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

As a general rule, Orange County cities like Laguna and Dana Point have high walkability ratings; however you are by no means limited to these destinations. With a little research, we’ll find a home that suits your walkability needs at a price that’s right… so be sure your jogging shoes are on stand-by!